About ESA Microwave Solutions

ESA-ms is a leading German company in the area of microwave feed systems for ground stations antennas. We are an independent and privately owned company and are located in Aspach, close to Backnang, Germany, the “Satcom Valley”. All our products are made in Germany.


In the premium segment of sophisticated multi-band antennas, ESA-ms is your Satcom partner for customized solutions in the development, design & manufacturing of multi-band feed systems for new antennas as well as for the retrofit & upgrade of existing antennas. Our feeds are tailored and individually customized for refurbishment projects or for new antennas with high-performance values. We also offer our own customized passive microwave components.


Thanks to our excellent reputation for our technical solutions in the challenging Satcom world, we have become over the years a preferred supplier to many of the worldwide leading Satellite operators (you can check out our partners on this page). ESA-ms prides itself on being reliable and offering innovative, customized and sustainable solutions with competitive pricing.


Our core business consists of:


  • Modification, upgrade, calibration, maintenance & repair of existing feed systems
  • Development & manufacturing of customized passive microwave components
  • RF research & consulting for exploring platforms in higher frequency bands
  • Project Management for satellite ground stations antennas with new complete feed systems


“One size does not fit all”; this is why we customize solutions for:


  • Satellite communication
  • Earth observation
  • Deep space missions
  • Radio astronomy


ESA creates and produces the following customized passive microwave components:


  • Diplexers
  • OMT
  • Waveguides
  • Polarizers
  • Radarfilters


Esa-ms was founded in 2001 by Jürgen Spaerke. The company is now fully owned by Jürgen Spaerke’s daughter, Sandra Bastiat.


ESA-ms is an independent and privately owned company. We have a small, dynamic and flexible team of 10 people. We have an incredible network of suppliers in a 10kms distance and a group of motivated experts working on a consultant basis.


The general manager is since December 2017 Frédéric Bastiat, and the team encompasses:


  • P. Griesser – Chief Operating Officer
  • H-M. Grell – System Engineer Manager
  • B. Bihlmaier – System Engineer
  • Dr G. Moerz – Personal Adviser to the GM
  • K.H Mierzwiak – System Engineer
  • N. Riedl – System Engineer
  • W. Kraft – System Manager
  • W. Rau – Constructor
  • T. Förster – Constructor & System Assistant

How we work - Project management / workflow & value chain

Would you like to work with us? ESA-ms believes in the transparency of its services. This is why we take you through our project management and our work processes. The trust and satisfaction of our clients is always our priority.

Work Flow & Value Chain

A Request
for offer
B Offer evaluation
& pricing
C Submission
& negociation
Offer decision
to Order
Lost offer
Win of project
Value chain Step
Description of project step
1 Order received
Order is evaluated by the technical support team, parameters and customer requirements are faced to get focus already at beginning of project
2 Kick-off
& Projectplan
Pooling of all required data to define a project plan defining resources, time and workflow
3 Start Development
& Modelling
Development team starts simulating component by component with the corresponding microwave simulation tool. Sharing of expertice at intermediate progress stage
4 End of Development
& Start Construction
Verification of results with expert team. Best practice applied for final design, specification compliance
5 End of Construction
Hand over of step-data to mechanical construction department. Targeting assembly of components to a feeder network solution as ordered
6 Suppliers assigned
Suppliers are selected according experience, quality, price and delivery time conditions. Short distance to suppliers is quite important to transfer experience into production quality
7 Sourcing
& Production time
Starting manufacturing time, flow of material and production progress coordination, focus on delivery time, quality verification and next step handling
8 Assembly of Components
& Pre-Testing
Assembly of each component, according constraction plan and material composition, pre-testing by help of Vector Network Analyzers
9 System assembly into
mechanical platform
Integration and final assembly: All components are assembled and pre-FAT starts by starting documentation verifying with parameters from specification
10 Factory
Acceptance Test
Customer Lab-verification of results in FAT-documents against ordered product specification. Follow up as shipment and invoice milestone

Job openings

If you are interested to be a part of our team please get in touch with us at


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