ESA carried out on-site installation, integration and testing of the RF equipment (…) for us successfully.


Esa carried out design, manufacturing and testing as well as integration support of antenna subsystem (…) with good performance.


I would like to thank ESA once more for the professional work (…) as well as for the hospitality you have shown (…). I am looking forward to new challenges that will give us the opportunity to cooperate again in a near future.

Global Eagle

ESA has been a key vendor for us in the past years when it comes to special antenna RF modifications. (…) The antenna performance results were beyond expectations. We are very satisfied with the high quality products and services that ESA has been providing to us for many years and the prompt support to meet tight deadlines.



Our new website

To celebrate the first anniversary of the takeover of ESA Microwave Solutions GmbH, we are pleased to introduce you to our new website.


We are proud to have raised many challenges thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of our team.


Our greatest joy will be to take up new challenges with you.




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